ATOS Jiujitsu Superkids

Why is Jiu-jitsu the best sport/martial art for kids?

Jiu-jitsu Kids are Bulletproof

Increase your child's confidence to resist peer pressure and negative influences

Improved Focus

Mental stimulation that can leads to better grades and school behavior, plus a positive outlet for youthful energy

Jiu-jitsu Identity

Give them leadership skills and a strong positive identity to make them stand out

Goal Driven Orientation

To reach big goals with consistency, taking one small step at a time towards constant improvement

Problem Solving Skills

Jiu-jitsu teaches kids to work both smarter and harder to get through challenges

Have Fun

Learn the value of sportsmanship, adopting a winner's mentality while having fun at the same time

Superkids Program

The top Kids Competitive Program in the Philippines

Expert Coaching

SEAGames Gold medalist and World Champion coaches who specialize and advocate teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to develop youths

Kid Friendly

Positive, family-oriented training atmosphere and coaching staff + clean well-maintained training facilities and equipment

World Class Training

Progressive, challenging lessons to make sure every child is moving forward and continually improving each session

Close Supervision

With 3-5 coaches per class (2-3 Jiu-jitsu black belts) each child gets focused attention, and a high coach-to-student rate

Superkids Throwback Gallery (2015-2020)